Food Products

Muran represents the East Europe’s finest flour and sunflower suppliers. Our suppliers carefully select grains, wheat and corn to form high quality flour for all baking purposes. Our products are made of natural ingredients without any preservatives and artificial additives.


We offer various types of flours that are milled from selected wheat, rye and a variety of healthy seeds, available in bulk and smaller packaging. Each type of flour has its own qualities and specifications, each suitable for its baking purposes.

Sunflower Oil

Our quality sunflower oil is produced with high nutritional values. The packaging of the oil is offered in a variety of package sizes and options starting from 1 liter bottles.


Our quality honey is produced with high nutritional values from Ukraine’s rich nature. We offer Polyfloral and Monofloral type of honey. The packaging of the honey is offered in a variety of package sizes and options.

Butter and Spreads

We offer various types of butter and its alternatives, each suitable for its baking and cooking purposes. Our products are categorized in three different categories: Confectionery, Bakery/Frying and Tailor made fats. We can customize and formulate products as per the need with the specifications desired.


  • Cocoa Butter Substitute
  • Cocoa Butter Replacer, CBR
  • Filling Fats
  • Coating Fats
  • Soft Confectionery Fats
  • Trans-free Fats

Bakery and Frying:

  • Bakery Shortening
  • Butter Oil Substitute, BOS
  • Creaming Fats
  • Frying Fats
  • Dough Fats
  • Margarine
  • Puff Pastry Margarine
  • Cake and  Cream Margarine
  • Croissant Sheet Margarine
  • Margarine and Butter Blend
  • Vegetables Ghee

Tailor made and others:

  • Hydrogenated Fats
  • Interested Fats
  • Milk Fats Replacer, MFR
  • Animal Fat Replacer
  • Spraying Fats
  • Tailor made Fats

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